History of Corolla

The Crown may have kickstarted Toyota’s domestic car sales, the Corona may have pulled it back from the brink of failure, and the 2000GT may have proven it as a serious automaker, but the car that made Toyota what it is today is the humble little Corolla. Keep Reading

History of 2000GT

The very first Japanese Grand Prix was held at Suzuka in 1963. Toyota entered whatever cars it had sitting around, which happened to be the Publica, T20 Corona, and S40 Crown. It’s probably fair to say that Toyota surprised even itself when each of these cars won their respective classes. Keep Reading

History of Publica/Sports 800

The origins of the Toyota Sports 800 can be traced to 1955, the same year the Toyopet Crown went on sale. That year, MITI kicked its People’s Car program into high gear, promising incentives to automakers that built kei cars with 360-cc displacement. Keep Reading

History of Corona

As successful as the Toyopet Crown was in the 1950s Japanese mid-size market, Nissan’s 210 was selling even better in the small-car market. Nissan and Toyota were poised to become Japan’s two largest automakers and were one-upping each other at every step. Keep Reading

History of Crown

After the devastation of World War II, most of Japan’s automakers were starting from scratch again. Many had entered into agreements with foreign companies to build “knock-down kits”, assembled in Japan but not designed there. Keep Reading