1885-1929 years

Model of the car Bentley 4.5 Liter Blower, 1929-1930

The great Walter Owen Bentley of Bentley Motors rather disapproved of his most famous car, the 268ci (4,398cc) “Blower” Bentley. In the great tradition of steam (Bentley served his apprenticeship at the Great Northern Railway’s Doncaster works), he preferred to gain power by increasing engine capacity. Keep Reading

Model of the car Opel Rak 2 Rocket Car, 1928

The response of most carmakers to plans for a rocket-powered car would have been frosty. But Fritz von Opel was fascinated by the theories of Max Valier, inventor and author of The Advance Into Space, and in 1927 agreed to help him create just such a vehicle. Keep Reading

Model of the car Monotrace, 1925

A two-wheeled car was what the Monotrace purported to be, although, with its “stabilizer” wheels either side of its narrow, tandem two-seater body (to stop it falling over at traffic lights), it was hardly a claim that stands up. Keep Reading