1930–1949 years

Model of the car: Saab 92, 1949

Faced with a devastating drop in orders for its aircraft in 1945, Svenska Aeroplan AB (Swedish Aeroplane Limited) needed to diversify; it chose car manufacture. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Tasco, 1948

TASCO is an acronym for The American Sportscar Company, and the car pictured here shows the only example it ever managed to produce. The basis of the machine was a shortened 1948 Mercury chassis with a souped-up V8 engine. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Panhard Dynavia, 1948

The Dynavia is a fascinating example of futuristic car design from over 60 years ago. But it was also meant to offer big benefits in everyday use, by increasing both performance and fuel consumption. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Land Rover Series I, 1948

In the grim environment of post-war Britain, raw steel had been rationed by the government. The biggest supplies went to manufacturers who could turn it into exportable goods. Brothers Maurice and Spencer Wilks, who controlled Rover, found a way around this. Keep Reading