1930–1949 years

Model of the car: Saab 92, 1949

Faced with a devastating drop in orders for its aircraft in 1945, Svenska Aeroplan AB…

Model of the car: Tasco, 1948

TASCO is an acronym for The American Sportscar Company, and the car pictured here shows…

Model of the car: Panhard Dynavia, 1948

The Dynavia is a fascinating example of futuristic car design from over 60 years ago….

Model of the car: Land Rover Series I, 1948

In the grim environment of post-war Britain, raw steel had been rationed by the government….

Model of the car: Jaguar XK120, 1948

Although the XK120 was the fastest, most exotic car that Britain offered in 1948, it…