1930–1949 years

Model of the car: Hudson Commodore, 1948

Hudson, founded in 1909, was among the last of the American “independents”— carmakers who struggled and ultimately failed in the face of the mighty Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler. Although its cars during the 1920–30s were mostly unremarkable, Hudson shocked the burghers of Detroit in 1948 with its range of “Step Down” cars. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Citroen 2CV, 1948

At the Paris motor show in October 1948, the 2CV caused astonishment, even though it had been scheduled to appear eight years earlier. The original launch was cancelled when World War II broke out. All but one of the 250 prototypes were destroyed to preserve the ingenious car’s secrets. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Davis d-2 Divan, 1947

The story of this arresting-looking three-wheeler with its four-abreast seating begins in 1938, when a similar one-off car was commissioned by wealthy American playboy Joel Thorne. He regularly cruised the streets of Los Angeles in his three-wheeled wonder “Californian.” Keep Reading

Model of the car: Tucker 48 Torpedo, 1948

Preston T. Tucker’s character was something between dreamer and opportunist. He’d been an office boy at Cadillac, a car salesman, and partner in an Indianapolis racing car business before deciding to revolutionize car design in post-war America with an all-new model that was fast, stylish, and safe. Keep Reading