1950–1959 years

Model of the car: Steyr-Puch Haflinger, 1959

Aspecific little vehicle intended for specific uses, the Haflinger was created with scant regard for passenger niceties and a total focus on off-road ability. Although many were built as pickups and military field cars, some came as open four-seaters, qualifying them as “automobiles.” Keep Reading

Model of the car: Simca Fulgur, 1959

The Simca Fulgur (fulgur is Latin for “flash”) is possibly the silliest concept car of the 1950s. But that wasn’t surprising—the project was a fantasy car of the year 2000, created with suggestions from young readers of a French children’s magazine. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Shamrock, 1959

Ireland has few car-making boasts, despite Henry Ford’s establishment of a Model T assembly plant in Cork as early as 1917. But the Shamrock is a rare exception, built with the ambition of captivating US customers. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Ghia Selene, 1959

These two remarkable, rear-engined design studies put the steering wheel, driver, and front passenger forward of the front wheels, and the engine protruding in its own rear compartment. It was “two box” thinking, only in reverse. Keep Reading