1950–1959 years

Model of the car: ZIL 111, 1958

Who would have guessed that the brutal communist dictator Joseph Stalin had a secret, and decadent, car passion—he loved large American Packard limousines. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Trabant P 601, 1958

The collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was the most symbolic event in the ending of the “Cold War” between East and West. But the emergence of the Trabant, spluttering its way into a bright new Europe, was the automotive equivalent. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Cooper T43-T45 Climax, 1958

Formula One racing was changed forever by this car, after its first Grand Prix win in Argentina in 1958. Stirling Moss joined the private Rob Walker team to drive a strange little rear-engined car that even the event organizers were reluctant to let take part. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Fiat Nuova 500, 1957

Despite Fiat’s 1936 500 “Topolino” being a well-liked little car in its day, the Nuova 500 of 1957 is what the motoring world today perceives as the original 500. The first 500 had a tiny four-cylinder engine, water-cooled and front-mounted; this all-new one boasted a twin-cylinder, air-cooled powerpack at the back. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Edsel Pacer, 1958

Edsel was an exercise in corporate buccaneering that rapidly became a byword for failure. The venture proved an expensive fiasco for Ford (it lost $350 million), and the resultant cars were extraordinary for their very ordinariness. Keep Reading