1950–1959 years

Model of the car: Masserati 250F, 1954

Founded in 1926, Maserati was purely a manufacturer of racing cars for its first 20 years. By 1934, it was the planet’s largest builder of single-seater racers. The 250F was the result of unique expertise in Grand Prix/ Formula One techniques. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Jaguar D-Type, 1955

By the early 1950s, Jaguar exuded excitement on all fronts: its XK engine was acclaimed; it built the most glamorous sedans available; and the XK120 sports car was world-famous on road and track. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Nash Austin Metropolitan, 1954

Nash Motors had been mulling a really small “sub-compact” car since 1945, when it asked freelance Detroit designer William Flajole to work up some proposals. Market research was in its infancy, but Nash decided to consult the public in 1949, to canvass opinion of Flajole’s drawings for a small car, the NXI (Nash Experimental International). Keep Reading