1960-1969 years

Model of the car: Goldenrod, 1965

Goldenrod—still the world’s fastest conventional “car”— was built by Californian brothers Bill and Bob Summers who dreamed of an assault on the World land speed record. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Austin Flm Panelcraft Taxi, 1965

Nubar Sarkis Gulbenkian, monocle in right eye and orchid always on lapel, was one of London’s most recognizable playboys during the 1960s. He lived at the Ritz Hotel, married three times, and enjoyed a lifestyle of supreme indulgence. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Ford GT40, 1964

In 1962, Henry Ford II began negotiations to buy Ferrari, in order to sprinkle some much-needed racing stardust on the increasingly dull company his grandfather had founded in 1903. Victory in the Le Mans 24-hour race was the main aim. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Porsche 911, 1963

Dr Ferdinand Porsche and his son, also Ferdinand (Ferry), found enormous success with the first Porsche, the 356. However, as the 1960s dawned, Porsche’s links to Volkswagen were creating limitations. The next Porsche phase started in 1963 when the 911 was unveiled. Keep Reading

Model of the car: NSU Wankel Spider, 1963

The speed of the engine was reduced to a maximum of 4,680rpm in daily driving use and the power was delivered to the wheels via a lightly modified automatic gearbox. The engine could burn any fuel, including diesel, kerosene, alcohol, or vegetable fat. Keep Reading