1970-1979 years

Model of the car: Weitz X600, 1979

The late John Weitz was among the first men to appear on the International Best-Dressed List in 1967, one of many career highlights that appeared to make his an effortlessly glamorous life. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Lotus 79, 1977

Italian-American racing driver Mario Andretti declared the Lotus 78 drove “like it was painted to the road,” and proved this Formula One car’s uncanny winning streak by driving it to four victories in 1977. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Tyrrell P34, 1976

The Tyrrell P34 was the boldest car seen on Formula One grids during the 1970s. The idea of six wheels came from Derek Gardner, Tyrrell’s chief designer, who calculated in 1974 that four small wheels at the front would hugely reduce a Formula One car’s fontal area. Keep Reading