1990-1999 years

Model of the car: Rinspeed X-Trem, 1999

Strictly-speaking, the X-Trem is a pickup truck rather than a car. But an open twoseater with an on-board hovercraft would always be a vehicle that transcended boundaries. Since 1979, Switzerland’s Rinspeed Design has sought to enliven the motoring world with its way-out productions, but this one went further than most, and was, in Europe, fully road-legal. Keep Reading

Model of the car: MCC Smart, 1998

The iconic Smart city car has its genesis in watchmaking rather than the automotive world, because the “father” of Smart was Hungarian-born entrepreneur Nicolas Hayek, creator of the cheap and trendy Swatch timepiece credited with reinvigorating Switzerland’s watch industry. Keep Reading

Model of the car: GM EV1, 1996

Across America, evidence that the EV1 was once the most forward-thinking car on sale is elusive; none are owned by private drivers, and even the few EV1s displayed in museums and institutes cannot function. Keep Reading