2000-2009 years

Model of the car: Bugatti Veyron, 2005

Bugatti’s Veyron is not the very latest supercar we could have chosen to conclude this journey through 120 years of extraordinary automobiles. But it is highly appropriate as a truly grand finale. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Isuzu Zen, 2001

Whimsical concepts are a Japanese thing. The biennial Tokyo Motor Show is usually crammed with them—the event is often more like a design student’s degree exhibition than a serious prophesy of the automotive future. Isuzu’s ZEN is a prime example of this left-field ideas forum. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Enzo Ferrari, 2002

The name of this vehicle is a tribute to the man who founded the fabulous Ferrari marque. Enzo Ferrari himself died in 1988, but his company—and its incredibly successful Formula One team—have continued to flourish. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Bentley State Limousine, 2002

The golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, in 2002, was cause for rejoicing around the UK, with ceremonial events and street parties. The country’s auto industry perhaps lacked the empirical stature it enjoyed when Her Majesty acceded to the throne in 1952, but a Bentley-led consortium was still determined to create a suitable commemorative gift for her: a new state limousine. Keep Reading

Model of the car: Renault Sport Clio V6, 2000

Car manufacturers revere the imageboosting aura of Formula One, but few are able to match this in their showrooms. However, Renault found a novel way to fuse Grand Prix machine with suburban shopping car in its amazing Clio V6. Keep Reading

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