A decade without limits (1960-1969)

The emancipation of youth, the white heat of technology, the dawn of the classless culture—there are many phrases that could sum up the 1960s and the whole galaxy of exciting automobiles that were generated during the decade.

For one thing, clever new types of engine really did hit the road for the first time. These included innovations such as the rotary and the gas turbine engines. There were developments in ear body design and layout too, with sport-utility vehicles and hatchbacks changing the way cars were driven and used.

A shift in thinking in drivelines also brought high-technology front- and four-wheel drive configurations, and these proliferate in everything from small city cars to sporting racers. And for the first time there was a proper, scientific focus on making cars safer, to the lasting benefit of all road users.

The 1960s also saw automobiles develop a following of their own as exciting elements in movies and TV shows—it may have taken more than 70 years, but popular culture on wheel had finally arrived.