Car: Chevrolet SSR, 2003-2006

Car Chevrolet SSR, 2003-2006

American Chevrolet SSR. This convertible pick-up stayed only for three years on the market (2003-2006) and could not steal a way to the heart of even American public, which is passionate about cumbersome and thorough automobiles. The ambiguous and unusual appearance of the car, more suitable to the cartoonish image, rather than the serial car, can only bring a smile and memories of the past because such massive wings and small round headlights were quite popular in the middle of the last century. However, these things make Chevrolet SSR so special, desired and interesting among many automobile lovers.

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Specification: Model of the car Chevrolet SSR

Class: Pickup
Body style: 2-door Roadster utility
Layout: FR layout
Platform: GM GMT368 platform
Engine: 5.3 L LM4 V8 (2003-2004); 6.0 L LS2 V8 (2005-2006)
Transmission: 6-speed Tremec T-56 manual; 4-speed automatic
Wheelbase: 116.0 in (2,946 mm)
Length: 2003–05: 191.4 in (4,862 mm); 2006: 191.5 in (4,864 mm)
Width: 78.6 in (1,996 mm)
Height: 2003–05: 64.2 in (1,631 mm); 2006: 63.8 in (1,621 mm)