Car: Tata Nano, 2008-2017

Car Tata Nano, 2008-2017

Indian “baby” Tata Nano. Developing and designing this small car, engines saved absolutely everything, and at the end, they got a slightly inflated body and a boring, somewhat silly appearance of the exterior, which attracts the attention of any motorist who is passionate about vehicles. However, Tata Nano has a positive advantage, because at a cost of about $ 2,500, it is the cheapest car in the world. Although on the other hand, the Tata Nano is the world’s most insecure car, which failed all crash tests.

Video: Model of the car Tata Nano

Specification: Model of the car Tata Nano

Class: City car
Body style: 4-door one-box
Layout: RR layout
Engine: 2 cylinder SOHC petrol Bosch multi-point fuel injection all aluminium 624 cc (38.1 cu in)
Transmission: 4 speed synchromesh manual with overdrive in 4th
Wheelbase: 2,230 mm (87.8 in)
Length: 3,099 mm (122.0 in)
Width: 1,495 mm (58.9 in)
Height: 1,652 mm (65.0 in)
Kerb weight: 600–635 kg (1,323–1,400 lb)