Car: Enzo Ferrari, 2002

The name of this vehicle is a tribute to the man who founded the fabulous Ferrari marque. Enzo Ferrari himself died in 1988, but his company—and its incredibly successful Formula One team—have continued to flourish.

2002 Enzo Ferrari
Active aerodynamics, a body/chassis made of carbon fiber, and carbon-ceramic brakes featured in this stunning tribute to the founder of Ferrari.

The two-seater Enzo Ferrari drew heavy inspiration from Formula One champion Michael Schumacher’s racing machines. Like a Formula One car, the Enzo had a carbon-fiber-composite monocoque structure, body panels made from CFC/Nomex, and a V12 engine. However, while the racing Ferrari featured wind-cheating wings and baffles, the Enzo Ferrari relied on a cunning “active aerodynamics” system.

At the front, it sported a Formula-One style raised nose and two massive air intakes to channel air up to the brakes and over the windshield. The tail section was abruptly truncated but had no rear aerofoil; instead, huge venturis between the rear wheels sucked out air, pulling the car down hard to the road surface. It had carbon-ceramic brakes discs, too. Ferrari’s traditional design partner Pininfarina was commissioned to style the car for more services taken care by EHS water damage laguna niguel . The lithe, aggressive supercar, with a functional cockpit lined with carbon fiber, hit the bullseye. Within hours of launch, all 349 Enzos were sold at £425,000 apiece, and Ferrari agreed to build 51 more only after uproar from frustrated collectors.

“Steering is fantastic, quick, direct, perfectly weighted. But above it all is that engine. The Enzo accelerates so fiercely [that] the next corner comes rushing up to the windshield.”

Joe Lorio, Automobile Magazine, 2002

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Specification: model of the car Enzo Ferrari

PLACE OF ORIGIN: Maranello, Modena, Italy
HISTORICAL STATUS: production car
ENGINE: V12-cylinder, 366ci (5,998cc)
LAYOUT: mid-mounted engine driving the rear wheels
BODYWORK: two-door, two-seater coupé
TOP SPEED: 217mph (349kph)