History of Toyota

To convey the importance of Sakichi Toyoda, the Japanese describe him to American tourists as “the Thomas Edison of Japan.” Similar to Edison’s residence in New Jersey, the small wooden house that Toyoda grew up in, on the shores of Lake Hamana in Shizuoka Prefecture, is now a historical site. Keep Reading

History of Nissan Fairlady Z

Though the Datsun Fairlady roadster was just reaching its stride in 1965, plans were already in motion to begin a new sports car project. Japan was growing in sophistication, and Nissan thought it had an opportunity to build a world-class grand tourer that would turn the automotive universe on its ear. Keep Reading

History of Nissan Silvia

When the Nissan Silvia is mentioned today, it’s typically in the same breath as drifting. And while sideways-sliding feats of driving skill will be its legacy, its roots go back 25 years before the tire-shredding Nissan 240SX. Keep Reading

History of Nissan Fairlady/Sports 1500, 1600, 2000

Although Nissan had built a few two-seater convertibles before the war, the 1952 Datsun DC-3 is widely regarded as the company’s first sports car. It wasn’t an unattractive car for its time, but like its predecessors, the DC-3 consisted mostly of a pretty dress draped over a rugged truck chassis. Keep Reading

History of Nissan Bluebird

In America, Katayama hit the ground running. He set up Nissan’s West Coast headquarters in Gardena, California, and began looking for anyone willing to sell an unknown import brand. His counterpart on the East Coast, Soichi Kawazoe, did the same with Newark, New Jersey, as his home base. Keep Reading