History of Nissan

As loyal fans of the marque know, Nissan cars were sold as Datsuns in the United States until 1982, but the origins of the Datsun name can be traced to the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1911, an engineer named Masujiro Hashimoto established Kaishinsha Motorcar Works (literally, Advanced Motorcar Works) in Tokyo. Keep Reading

Tesla Roadster review

Arguably the most forward-thinking sports car on the road, the battery-powered Tesla Roadster comes from a relatively small startup company located in the Silicon Valley city of San Carlos, Cal. Keep Reading

Spyker C8 Aileron review

For those who aren’t familiar with the name, Spyker is a Holland-based builder of sports cars that traces its heritage to a noted auto and aircraft company of the same name from the late 19th Century. Keep Reading

Porsche Boxster/Cayman review

Like any smaller siblings, the two-seat Porsche Boxster convertible and Cayman coupe tend to take second billing to its larger relations, in this case the venerable 911 coupe and convertible. Keep Reading

Porsche 911 review

Porsche’s 911 has long stood as an icon among sports cars. While other models may enter and leave the market and undergo major makeovers that dramatically change their styles and personalities, the 911 has stuck steadfastly to its basic formula since its introduction in 1963. Keep Reading