Ford Shelby GT 500 review

Sitting at the top of the Ford Mustang line, the ferocious Shelby GT500 carries over with only modest changes since its model-year 2010 redesign in both coupe and convertible versions. Keep Reading

Ford Mustang review

Fast approaching its 50th anniversary, the original “pony car” remains surprisingly fresh with an engaging amalgam of retro-flavored styling and technological sophistication, with varying levels of performance that range from exhilarating to astounding. Keep Reading

Ferrari California review

Half a century after the original Ferrari California 250 GT Spyder made its brief run, the exotic sports car maker revived both the name and its spirit in the form of the Ferrari California. Debuting for model-year 2010, the California represented several “firsts” for Ferrari. Keep Reading

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano review

Ferrari has long been one of the most successful names in international Formula One racing, with the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano originally conceived as a street-legal racecar that’s built for enthusiastic everyday use. It was named for the company’s test track near its Marinello, Italy factory. Keep Reading

Ferrari 458 Italia review

Debuting at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Ferrari 458 Italia replaced the F430 in the legendary exotic-automaker’s lineup for model-year 2010. Available only as a low-slung coupe, the 458 Italia incorporates technologies from the automaker’s long-successful Formula 1 racing program. Keep Reading